As a medical practitioner, you know one of the most critical coverages you can arm yourself with is medical professional liability insurance, also known as malpractice insurance.

It’s vital you keep in mind that each health care practitioner is responsible for his or her own negligent acts. Whether you are a physician, surgeon, nurse practitioner, PA or any number of other specialized medical professionals, you are responsible for your own actions as well as the quality of the expert services you provide. Unfortunately, health care providers are often confronted with lawsuits. Due to the level of care you are required to provide, you become an easy target for malpractice claims, making the need for comprehensive and reliable malpractice insurance all the more important. 

At The Wiseman Agency, we are committed to protecting and defending you. We pledge to preserve our policyholders’ reputations and assets against malpractice suits and are proud of the innovative coverage solutions we deliver. What makes us different? We treat our clients as we wish to be treated, as an individual with very distinct needs. We take the time to accurately evaluate your coverage needs, ensuring that you are properly protected. We strive to identify emerging risks and offer the highest quality malpractice insurance strategies when it comes to protecting your reputation, your business and your livelihood.